Healthy nutritional habit starts at the childhood. It's the mother and father's responsibility to ensure that a child eats healthily. Then, preferences of mother and fathers are very important. As SAHAN, we are doing our part with the conscious of the requirement of healthy generations and we offer a separate menu for the children in our restaurants. We are keeping the children away from fast food habit that is the greatest danger of the century with soup, olive oil, salad and meat types prepared according to the necessary nutritional values and palatal delights of the children.

We also don't ignore the personal developments of the children when we are supporting the development of the palatal delights and we allow them to order their own meals in children's restaurant within the playground. Children both eat their meals in company with pedagogues and supervisors and they enjoy the moment with educational and instructive plays with our fictional characters named ''Fıstık'' and ''Mıstık''.

We separated toilets and sinks for the hygiene of the children in this specially designed area and we planned all details for their comfort and safety from feeding chair and special serving plate.

We didn't forget the mothers and designed a diaper changing and nursing room.

Our branches with children's room:






Sahan Children's Room

From the point of the fact that if the children are happy, their parents will be happy too, children's restaurant has been established within Sahan Vega and it includes games and educational studies for each age group. This special section includes children's toilet, breast feeding and diaper changing areas, baby feeding chairs for every age group and special service plates and belongs entirely to children and pedagogues received children's psychology education and instructors always take care of young guests.

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