SAHAN thinks children again... SAHAN, with the principle of realizing the firsts in the industry, brought int action a professional kitchen adopted for sizes of children within children's room restored in Vega Restaurant located in Ataşehir.

Children performs any processes like washing and sorting vegetables and fruits under the supervision of chiefs and delivers the foods to the chiefs at the stage of cooking.

Chairman of SAHAN Group, Tahir Tekin Öztan brought this project into action to explain Turkish cuisine forgotten day by day and degenerated under the name of innovation to the next generations in a more efficient way.

Children becomes familiar with the foods and beverages in this special kitchen designed specially for them and learn about the products and meals belonging to Turkish cuisine with the help pf chiefs

Thanks to this kitchen that attracts great attention of children, parents enjoy the moment and children consume the healthy foods they have made with their own hands.

NOTE: There isn't any combustible, sharp objects and units in the area of children.

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