The flavor journey with Keme Kebab which is one of the special seasonal dishes of SAHAN Restaurant chain, the representative of Gaziantep Kitchen, between March and June has begun. Keme is a desert truffle which is a very special and valuable mushroom for French cuisine and inspires the world kitchen, growing in Gaziantep and around the spring only. Keme blended with ground meat in master hands of chefs of SAHAN is cooked on charcoal fire and a unique taste is created. We underline that Keme Kebab is not cooked to “to a limit” but “in limited months”... You should try this kebab that seduces even the gourmets...

How to serve Keme kebab?

Keme kebab may be served as a traditional kebab style as well, however, we recommend you to ask our trained staff at SAHAN to get help and have your kebab wrapped in thin bread. If you add white bean onion salad vinaigrette wrapped in your thin bread that included in salt and black pepper with pomegranate molasses, you will have a unique taste...

Ingredients (Serves 4-5)

1 kg meat mincing by using a crescent-shaped iron cleaver known as the "Zırh" (salt added)

1 kg clean keme


Pick and clean the kemes well, peel them in walnut size according their natural forms. Use a special dirller when you put kemes on a skewer one by one in the same direction. Otherwise, they would crack and cannot be put on skewers. Put one keme and ground beef pieces in the same size respectively. Turn the kebabs to the same side when you grill them on an open fire completely. Put the cooked keme kebabs in wrapped pita bread and sprinkle black and red pepper. Serve with the salad of parsley and green onion and ayran.

NOTE: If you add the extra pieces falling when you put kemes on skewers, on the mince of the kebab, the taste will be more delicious.

Keme Kebab

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