For its dough:

4 cups flour
1,5 cup water
1 teaspoon salt

For its filling:

8-9 tablespoons melted butter
2 cups crushed pistachio
1 cup granulated sugar
300 g fresh clotted cream


Mix flour with water and salt in a deep mixing bowl and then knead the mixture with your hands until you get the consistency of an earlobe. Let it rest for half an hour, and then cut off pistachio-sized pieces of dough. Roll each lump as thin as the phyllo pastry to form it into a thin sheet to the size required. Apply melted butter on each phyllo with a brush. Share 1 tablespoon fresh clotted cream and 2 tablespoons crushed pistachio on each phyllo. Finally, spread the granulated sugar and fold four corners of the phyllo inside and make an envelope. After frying both sides of the katmer without butter in a teflon pan, put some butter or clotted cream on it. Put it onto a warm serving plate and then garnish with pistachio.

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