İÇLİ KÖFTE (Stuffed Meatballs)

Ingredients - (Serves 6)

For its dough;
500g ground beef
5 cups Turkish sesame bagels (fine bulgur)
1 onion
1 tablespoon red pepper flakes, salt, black pepper

For its filling;
500g ground beef
1 cup walnut
4 onions in medium size
Olive oil for frying


In a frying pan, sautee the ground beef until just cooked. Add margarine or butter and finely chopped onion and continue to stir until the onion softens. Add chopped walnuts, salt and red pepper flakes and let it cool. Prepare the filling mixture by shaping in your hands to stuff the dough balls with this mixture after cooling. Add bagels, meat, salt, red pepper flakes in a mixing bowl and knead together for several minutes or use a meat grinder to form a dough. Take a piece of dough in an egg size and press with your index finger into the center of the dough and turn it around itself to shape. It is recommended that your hands should be wet to shape the dough better. Put some of the prepared mixture to fill into this shape of the dough and close the end. Shape meatballs to get pointy end. Serve after frying the meatballs in olive oil. If you like you can boil them as well.

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