Ingredients - (Serves 4-5)

750g meat mincing by using a crescent-shaped iron cleaver known as the "Zırh" (salt added)

500g tomato
2 kg eggplant
250g long green and red pepper


Slice the eggplants in circular shape in 5-6 cm after cutting off their stem ends. First, meatballs in big walnut size are sandwiched between layers of sliced eggplant putting on the skewer to grill. Brush eggplants with olive oil while putting the kebab on skewers and then let their peels burn partially when you cook them. Eggplant kebab should be cooked over a strong heat compared to kebabs made with ground meat or meat cubes. Thus eggplants are cooked much better. Thus eggplants are cooked much better. Cut tomatoes into 3 or 4 pieces depending on their sizes and then put them on a skewer. Cook all pepper skewers on the embers and then add them onto the kebab and cover on them. Put the cooked kebab, peeled eggplants and tomatoes on a thin kebab bread. Add chopped meat on it. Add black pepper, salt and wrap the thin bread. It is recommended to serve with green pepper and ayran (a cold yogurt beverage mixed with salt).

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