Our primary principle since our establishment as Sahan is continuous development. To achieve that, we never compromise two subjects with all of our employees, our service quality and the taste of the products. Thus, we know that we will ensure customer satisfaction and afterwards we will make progress. We are aware of the value that each one of our employees contributes to Sahan individually when it comes to service quality. We organize training programs for them to maintain our quality standard.

The importance we give to the food safety and healthy food also shows the importance we give to our customers. We have always been role models in our sector on this subject and we will continue to be. Introducing regional foods to our customers is as much important as the tastes of our product range for us. Our another goal is to maintain the original and present the rich food culture that we represent. It's very important for us that our customers to whom we provide service are peaceful, comfortable and happy during the time they spend in Sahan. In order to achieve that, we are closely interested in all of our customers, adults or children.

Training and Quality

Training of the employees are planned annually as per Quality Management System and Food Safety owned by SAHAN and all personnel received the required training according to the plan. Training program including various subjects like food safety, personal hygiene, kitchen hygiene, customer satisfaction, communication skills, managerial principles, first aid, techniques to overcome the stress, wine training is provided by the trainers who are experts in their subject.

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