It's ''Ayıntab'', name of Gaziantep, according to the written sources and it means beautiful fountain, beautiful water. Some sources claim that it's Hantap, i.e. land of inns. Babylonia, Hittites, Assyrians, Romans, Persians, Byzantines reigned over these lands.... During World War 1, first English soldiers and then French soldiers occupy ''Ayıntab''... Antep people makes a stand against the enemy for 11 months, without food and water...And the enemy is defeated at last. Antep becomes Gaziantep. Afterwards, Gaziantep becomes famous with the foods cooked in their beautiful homes. With its lahmacun without onion, its seasonal ''new world'' kebab, with soup of Ezogelin of Antep whose story we will never forget... And then Gaziantep starts to be one of the important cuisines of world... And the cuisine spreads first to Istanbul and then to the world... When mentioned about Gaziantep, baklava, kebab, peanut come to minds of many of us. However, Antep cuisine is a treasure, an art. It's a separate culture and civilization with the equipment used, product, with the ones who eat and the ones who cook. It's a rich cuisine that contains highly healthy one-pot meals in which seasonal fruits and vegetables, cereals, tomato sauces, spices are used together.

  • Meals containing meat,
  • Pilaf,
  • Pastries,
  • Olive oil dishes,
  • Piyaz,
  • Salads,
  • Cacik,
  • Pickles,
  • Lettuces,
  • Fries,
  • Desserts,
  • Eggy,
  • Meze.

Meats Only:

Beyin haşlama, Beyran, Et haşlama, Kara kavurma, Kellepaça... Meat with Sauce: Ciğer yahni, Et kızartması, Daraklı tavası, Topaç eritmesi, Erik tavası...

Meats with Yoghurt:

Butanya, Çağla aşı, Çiğdem aşı, Sarımsak aşı, Şiveydiz, Ufak köfte, Yoğurtlu fasulye, Yoğurtlu kabak dolması...

Foods with Meat:

Bakla tavası, Bamya tavası, Borani, Çağla aşı, Doğrama, Domates tavası, Ebe gümeci, Etli ıspanak, Etli kabak, Etli mercimek, Kabaklama, Kazan kebabı, Keme tavası, Kenger tavası, Kilis kebabı, Kuru fasulye, Lolaz aşı, Nohut yahnisi, Patates, Patlıcan musakkası, Patlıcan oturtması, Soğan yahni, Söğörme, Taze fasulye, Türlü, Yarım tava...

Dolma (stuffed vegetables):

Acur dolması, Biber dolması, Domates dolması, Havuç dolması, Haylan kabağı dolması, Hıyar dolması, Kabak dolması, Keme dolması, Mıhşı, Mumbar dolması, Patates dolması, Patlıcan dolması, Yaz dolması (nakışlı dolma), Yoğurtlu kabak dolması, Soğan dolması... All these stuffed vegetables are made with rice, bulgur and some of them are made with firik.


Lahana sarması, Marul sarması, Pancar sarması, Yaprak sarması... The can be made with rice or bulgur.


Ali nazik, Altı ezmeli kıyma, Altı ezmeli tike kebabı, Altı ezmeli tavuk şiş, Acılı Kıyma kebabı, Ayvalı kebabı, Beyti kebap, Böbrek, Yürek şiş, Cartlak kebabı, Ciğer kebabı, Domatesli kuş başı, Domatesli kıyma kebabı, Döner, Elma kebabı, Keme kebabı, Kıyma kebabı, Koç yumurtası, Külbastı, Patlıcan kebabı, Pirzola, Sarımsak kebabı, Simit kebabı, Sebzeli kebap, Soğan kebabı, Tavuk şiş, Terbiyeli şiş, Vali kebabı, Vişneli kebap, Yeni dünya kebabı, Yoğurtlu kebap, Yarım tava...

Meat Balls:

Akıtmalı köfte, Arap köftesi, Arap köftesi (with potato), Analı kızlı, Ekşili köfte, Ayvalı ufak köfte, Çiğ köfte, Ekşili ufak köfte, Enginarlı ufak köfte, Haveydi köftesi, İç katması, İçli köfte, İçli yapma kıymalı köfte, Közleme, Maltıhalı köfte, Mişviyye, Patatesli yapma, Simit kebabı, Sini köftesi, Tene katması, Topaçlı köfte, Yağlı köfte, Yapma, Yoğurtlu ufak köfte, Yumurtalı köfte, Yuvarlama...


Börglü pilav, Bulgur pilavı, Ciğerli pilav, Domatesli bulgur pilavı, Domatesli pirinç pilavı, Etli bulgur pilavı, Etli pirinç pilavı, Etli firik pilavı, Firik pilavı, Firikli simitaşı, Havuçlu pilav, Hindili pilav, Kapamalı pilav, Lolazlı pilav, Mercimekli bulgur pilavı, Mercimekli pirinç pilavı, Maltıhalı pilav, Meyhane pilavı, Mukaşşerli pilav, Müceddere (with olive oil), Nohutlu pilav, Özbek pilavı, Patlıcanlı pilavı, Pirinç pilavı, Pirpirimli pilav, Simit aşı, Şehriyeli pilav...


Baklava böreği, Kabak böreği, Karnıyarık, Lahmacun, Puf böreği (with cheese, rice, mince), Suböreği (with mince, cheese), Şiş börek, Tarhınlı peynirli börek, Zeytinli börek...


Müceddere, Kabak içi kavurması, Yalancı dolma, Yaprak sarması. Fries and cold meze... Fasulye piyazı, Lolaz piyazı, Maş piyazı, Patates piyazı, Zeytin piyazı, Yumurta piyazı... Antep salatası, Domates salatası, Çoban salatası, Soğuk Turşu... Salads are made with lettuce, cucumber and tomato however a salad with pepper and sour, super finely chopped parsley and plenty of water is served with heavy meals. It's eaten by spoon. Aş otu cacığı, Havuç cacığı, Hıyar cacığı, Ispanak cacığı, Haşlanmış keme cacığı, Marul cacığı, Maydanoz cacığı, K.Pancar cacığı, Semizotu cacığı, Turp cacığı, Karpuz cacığı...


At elması turşusu, Biber (red and green) turşusu, Çelem turşusu, Domates turşusu, Fasulye turşusu, Havuç turşusu, Hıyar turşusu, Hıta (acur) turşusu, Kelek turşusu, Kırmızı pancar turşusu, Koruk turşusu, Lahana turşusu, Marul turşusu, Patlıcan turşusu, sarımsak turşusu...

Kuru soğan, Marul, Maydanoz, Salatalık, Taze sarımsak, Taze soğan, Tere, Turp, Balık, Beyin, Biber, Domates, Havuç, İçli köfte, Öcce, Patlıcan, Puf böreği, Semsek, Şalgam, Yapma, Yumurta, Yumurtalı patlıcan...


Baklava (peanut, walnut, cream) has 16 types today. Kanafeh (peanut, walnut, cream, curd, cheese and shredded) Flaky pastry (peanut, cream) Lokma, Müşebbek and fukara künefesi, Taş kadayıfı...


Haç helvası, İrmik helvası, Memiye helvası, Un helvası, Peynirli un helvası, Kaymaklı un helvası, Pekmezli un helvası, Pekmezli nişasta helvası, Kuymak, Mamul, Şekerli kake, Şekerli-peynirli karnıyarık. Tahin helvası, Pekmezli tahin helvası, Cevizli helva, Fıstıklı helva, Leblebili helva, Küncülü helva, Unlu helva, Tel helva, İçli tel helva, Fıstık ezmesi...


Jams can be made from all fruits available for jam but zucchini, raw walnut, young eggplant, Haylan zucchini skin jam are regional...


Miyan şerbeti, Tah (molasse made of grape rotten and soured on its tree) şerbeti, Urmu dut (sour morus nigra) şerbeti, Gül şurubu, Limonata, Üzüm suyu, Pekmez şerbeti, Koruk şerbeti, Karsanbaç (mixture of ice and molasse), Haytalı (made with milky jelly, rose syrup and ice)...

Sira Group:

Sucuk (walnut, peanut, almond), Besni küpüklü sucuk (walnut, peanut) Bastık, Muska (walnut, peanut, almond) , Tarhana (cooked with simit and bastık and sliced), Dilme, Ölbe tarhanası (a strengthening paste made with tarhana, walnut, peanut, almond, ginder, clove, cinnamon and some spices) and Pekmez...


There is one made with molasse apart from the other ones.

Other Desserts:

  • Ashure,
  • Ashure with molasse,
  • Bastık (grape juice jelly cooked with farina),
  • Fried Bastık (bastık is folded from şıra and soaked into eggs and fried in butter),
  • Processed Tarhana (a dessert for breakfast made by chopping and processing the sweat tarhana in butter and adding crushed walnut and cinnamon),
  • Küsbe akıtması (melting of susame seed with molasse),
  • Şirinli şora (a soup made with bulgur and molasse),
  • Pekmezli kuymak,
  • Nefse emi (a paste made with 41 types of spices and honey, this is eaten only by puerperants and applied on their skins on fortieth day at Turkish bath),
  • Gullac,
  • Muhallebi,
  • Sutlu (sutlac),
  • Zerde,
  • Muni (cooked and tamped with molasse, given to nursing mothers),
  • Molasses with tahini (different from other regions as it's mixed on fire),
  • Ağızlı pekmez (mixture of curt cheese and molasse),
  • Fakıbeyni (mixture of creay yogurt and molasse)...

Gaziantep cuisine and Sahan first opened its doors in Caddebostan and started to provide services in different places of Istanbul and ''Sahan'' became one of the favorite regional cuisines in Istanbul. The secret is combination of kitchen staff including master chiefs of the region with cheerful personnel committed to the profession and presentation of the most delicious foods to the guests in the most beautiful way. Sahan appeals to both palatal delight and visual pleasure of the guests with its unique menu. You will leave Sahan with the happiness of having a beautiful day where you can taste familiar and brand new flavors of Gaziantep prepared in healthy and hygienic environment.

Regional Foods

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